One of my favorite things in the world... is SEEING THE WORLD!! When I was a kid, our travel was limited to about an 8 - 10 driving distance and that was about as far as we branched out. Thankfully, Colorado was one of those places that we frequented as well as the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. These vacations were mostly based on nature and our adventures were spent in the outdoors. I believe this is what formed my extreme love for nature and the connectivity that I feel when I am outdoors. I can be out on my back porch staring at the stars and I am still in wonder of the natural beauty of the Earth. Since I have had my children, I have had a few more opportunities to travel and I absolutely love nothing more than meeting a new city or national park. I've made it my mission to immortalize these experiences through film and digital photography so that I share with the world the beauty that I see.